tiger woods golf simulator

Harrisburg Golf Simulator offers the top rated, patented & most accurate golf simulator available in an upscale private space. Over 80 courses and many different course set up options. Book by the hour and schedule tee times here

Full Swing's Dual Tracking technology has two 360 degrees infrared laser fields combined with an overhead high speed camera that measures distance, launch angle, spin rate, club head speed, carry, direction, ball speed, face angle and club path etc.

The practice area includes a 450 yard driving range with movable target, a putting green where you can place and practice any putt, and green side chipping. You can also drop a ball on any of the course holes & play the same shot over and over.

Showdown Golf has the coolest golfing arcade games in town. Targets, shot shaping, long drive, blackjack etc. 

Use the simulator to maximize your practice time, in a private space without distractions.

Dual Tracking Technology Harrisburg Driving Range
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